How to make cosmetic packaging design stand out

Attracting attention at first glance within the cosmetic industry is making sure your packaging is a visual representation of your brand, it stands out, is memorable and quick to be notice. Even if your product offers the absolute best product that your potential consumer is looking for, if the design is not striking, they will likely overlook it. If its not thoroughly thought out it will show.

A clear understanding of how the industry and consumers work is basic necessity needed to make it in the cosmetic industry. You need to know who your ideal consumer is, what the majority of clients are looking for and how to best make your product suitable for your clients. Recognize what sets you apart from the rest of the crowd, where is your brands position, no matter what product you’re promoting its likely that it’s already on the shelf with a different brands logo. What does your brand say? Make sure your brands characteristics are true to the personality of your business, showcase what makes your brand better than other brands and promote it on your packaging. The dimensions also have a large impact on whether your product will sell or not. Consequently, taking into consideration shape, size and the products’ boxes labels as well as the dimensions your brand will benefit from. The design of your logo needs to compliment your brands attributes, it needs to embody your everything you stand for. Therefore, the logo will ensure continuity throughout your product line, allowing consumers to be attracted to your brand and have a unique style that other competitors don’t have. Once you have all individual components, you’re able to move to the next step, designing your brands packaging. The front of the product needs to include your logo, a description of what your product is and how much is within the container. The back of the product will need to have a continuation of the front, more detailed and descriptive text about your product, what it is, how to use it and other important aspects you wish to contribute.

Making sure all these steps are taken when creating your product, allows the product to stand out from the competition, attract new consumers to understand your brand and allow your product to be given the benefit of the doubt, creating spontaneous purchasing decision from consumers which would then lead to loyal customers.